Lesson 5 || IP addressing, Port Numbers and Application protocols


from:Ogunbayo, Mayowa

to:All Students

Time Dec. 14, 2014

Hi All,

For Tuesdays lesson 5 (12/16/2014),  we will be working on some topics that you use everyday
when accessing the internet, gaming, sending out email, printing on a wireless printer.

This topics are :

IP addresses

  • Private and Public (why and what is different about them)
  • IP address and Subnet Mask (why they come in pairs)
  • Manually configure your an IP address


  • Reliable  TCP
  • Unreliable  UDP

Popular port numbers and related Protocols

  • HTTP and HTTPS (web browsing)
  • POP3, IMAP and SMTP (email)
  • FTP, SFTP (File Transfers over the network or internet)
  • DNS (Using a name instead of an ip address)


Please watch the video links below, before coming to class and take notes.

You will earn 5 extra points for submitting a copy of your notes.

Please copy and paste each link to your browser to watch the video


IP Addressing



TCP UDP ports


Known Protocols https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXPYA4KqasU&index=40&list=PLG49S3nxzAnnmMVTdd4v4ryJ7_qoQCrF4



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