Computer Technology Class || Extra Points Project || Planing for a PC

from:Ogunbayo, Mayowa

to:All Students

Time Feb. 02, 2015

Hi All,

A project is available for those interested in earning extra points for this class.

The project will entails students planning to build a PC to perform specific functions list (Gaming, Video Editing, Computer Aided Design, Regular Desktop, Programing, and Picture/Photo Editing, HTTP/FTP Server).

The link to the documents is seen below:

  • The project aim to teach students what it entails to plan a PC build
  • At least on function listed above must be met by the PC build
  • A budget needs to stated and approved
  • Links to the PC parts must be included showing the Part and price must be included (store websites and craigslist).
  • Comments must be filled (note you justify the need for the parts in the comments section)
  • Students will be required to defend the choices either at a panel of teachers

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