Assignments for the Week of February 27, 2012

to:Mrs. Papke (2nd)

Dear Student,

Because of the snow day Friday, I will not grade last week's assignments until Tuesday. Remember, the assignments I am grading are as follows:  1 biopoem, 1 I Am poem, 5 haikus (about nature with exactly 17 syllables), and 5 cinquains.


This week we will learn about rhyme scheme. Rhyme scheme is a process that tracks the patterns of a rhyme. There are many different types of poems that have rhyming patterns. For example, English sonnets and limericks have rhyming patterns. Here are some tools to help you understand how rhyme scheme works.

1.First, watch this short Youtube video that aims to help you understand the process of tracking the rhyming pattern. You may watch this video as many times as you like. Here is the link:
2.Next, complete the following exercise. Use the rhyme scheme worksheet provided for you. This worksheet is front and back. Create 2 short, eight line poems using two of the rhyme scheme patterns at the bottom of the sheet underneath the heading Common Rhyme Schemes. For instance, if you circle AABA AABA, then complete an eight line poem with that rhyme scheme. If you circle ABAB CDCD  for your second poem, then complete a poem with that rhyme scheme on the worksheet provided.

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