Welcome Academy of Flint Charter School

War of the Worlds

TimeApril 26, 2012

to:Mrs. Tucker (5th)

Hello Students!


Today, April 26th, and tomorrow, April 27th you have the opportunity to listen to a radio drama called, "The War of the Worlds." 


Materials that you will need:

  1. Script of the radio broadcast.
  2. Pencil/pen and paper to record thoughts and events.


What to do:

  1. While listening to the broadcast, record  the events that are happening in the story.
  2. Whenever there is a news bulletin, record the  time. Then...
  3. Record the events that are happening.
  4. Write down the names of any new characters introduced and what they are doing.


Here is the link to the Youtube video of the original radio broadcast:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xs0K4ApWl4g