to:Mrs. Papke (2nd)

Time May 16, 2012

Dear Class,


Today we are going to do two things.

1.First, we are going to review the important elements of mystery stories-what most mystery stories have in common.

2.Second, we are going to solve fictional mysteries on Mysterynet.


Mysterynet directions:

1.Each group must click on the links below.

2.Together, you and your partner will read each mystery. Please take turns reading.

3.Consider all of the evidence with Max and Nina.

4.Then, try and solve the case.


Later, each group will report out on one mystery story they completed. I want to know 4 things.

1.Who are all of the characters besides Max and Nina?

2.What is the setting of the story?

3.What is the case about?

4.What clues did the detectives find?



The Case of the Disappearing Signs:

The Case of the Charley Cheetah Theft:

The Case of the Sneak Thief's Sneakers:  


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