Septemeber Hot Lunch Menu


to:All Students

Time Sept. 06, 2014

The cost is $5/per meal ($4.50 if ordering a month at a time)

Please call Chris at Country House to place an order 708-510-8445

Every Monday is Pizza Day!

9/8: Fettucini Alfredo w/ chicken & broccoli

9/9: Fresh ground black angus whoober w/ grilled zucchini

9/10: Fiesta nacho bar with fresh made tortilla chips & fresh salsa

9/11: Fresh buffalo wing basket w/ celery sticks and blue cheese or ranch dressing

9/15: Chicken caesar pita wrap w/ feta and veggie pasta salad

9/16: Chicken Limone w/ brown rice & sweet corn on the cob

9/17: Chicken quesadillas w/ mexican rice, salsa and sour cream

9/18: BBQ chicken w/ augratin potatoes & fresh seasonal veggie

9/22: Teryaki chicken stir fry w/ fresh veggies

9/23: Lasagna bolognese w/ house salad & garlic bread

9/24: char grilled maxwell street polish sausages w/ grilled onions

9/25: Bruschetta chicken w/ cold angel hair pasta salad

9/29: Gyros Sandwiches w/ traditional yogurt tzatziki sauce & village salad

9/30: Cornmeal breaded basa w/ mashed sweet potatoes & fresh seasonal veggie

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