to:7th & 8th Science

Time Nov. 18, 2013

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to remind everyone of the field trip that will take place this coming Wednesday, the day after tomorrow. November 20th, 2013. The field trip is MANDATORY and each student will have an assignment to turn in based off of the attendance to the field trip. The cost is $10 and we will be spending the entire day in UC Davis exploring their Arboretum, Museum of Wildlife and Fish Biology, and the Bohart Museum of Entemology. Lunch is NOT included so each child must bring their own lunch. Also make sure your child brings the appropriate clothing it will be chilly. And make sure you sign the following permission slip so that your child may attend the field trip. Feel free to contact the office directly if you have any questions. Thanks God Bless

I, ______________________________________, am the parent of _____________________
allow my child to go to the Whispering Pines field trip to the UC Davis campus on November 20th, 2013. I understand the terms and conditions for this field trip.

                         Parent Signature

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