Final Events for the End of the Year

to:7th & 8th Science

Time Dec. 02, 2013

Hello Parents,

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, I sure had a food overload. Well, as you have probably noticed the year is winding down; Christmas is approaching and so is the end of year. This means that your children will be studying a lot of science (I hope) if they haven’t been doing so already. The next following weeks are going to go by quite fast and here is just a run down of what will take place with regards to your child’s science activities.
• California Native Species Report (instructions have been given as well as posted on
o Due: Wednesday December 4th, 2013
• Quiz 18  (Pgs. 206-210)
o On December 4th, 2013
• Quiz 19 (Pgs. 211-215)
o On December 6th, 2013
• Quiz 20 (Pgs. 216-223)
o On December 9th, 2013
• Activity 7B
o On December 3rd, 2013
• Activity 7D
o On December 10th, 2013
• Test (Chapters 1-7 (excluding Chapter 4))
o On December 16th, 2013
• Review Days
o December 11th and 13th, 2013
*Keep in mind all dates are subject to change, but God-willing we will hopefully be on time with everything.

Thank you so much for your cooperation in this matter and I really appreciate that you all are so involved in your child’s education. Have a blessed week.

Miss. Renata Barros

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