Argumentative topic due today, outline due tomorrow

to:Writing 106

Time Dec. 02, 2013

Your topic is due today, but I hope while thinking about your topic, you also thought about your 3 reasons, so you should be able to make an outline by tomorrow in class. We will read an example essay today and make an outline for it as help.

First draft (and the final draft) is due Sunday noon. We will not have enough time to work on the final draft, so make sure your first draft is good!

Monday we will have an in-class final writing exam, so please make sure you are not absent that day, or you will receive a zero for the score. This paper will help me decide you are ready for 107 or not, so don't be surprised if your final grade on Thinkwave drastically changes.

For your final exam, I will choose a question from the "Test of Written English" if you would like to look at some sample questions. The topic will require you give reasons for your opinion just like we have practiced in this argumentative paper.

Even though the argumentative essay is a first AND final draft, check your Thinkwave account for comments for your paper. I want to make sure you know if your paper is good or not (or what is missing) so you can do better on your final exam.

This week we will be practicing summarizing, complex sentences, and some modals to help you do better on our last essay. So make sure you practice what we are doing in class to improve your writing!

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