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January 24-27

TimeJan. 21, 2012

from:Abbott, Natalie

to:Latin 3-6

Latin for Americans
3rd Quarter Syllabus

Tuesday, January 24:
HOMEWORK:  Put the 6 nouns under the vocabulary listing on p. 55 in the dative plural.  Email the answers to me (nabbott@schillingschool.org) by WEDNESDAY night.

Wednesday, January 25:
HOMEWORK:  Conjugate the 6 verbs on p. 56 in the future tense.  This assignment is due in class on THURSDAY.

Thursday, January 26:
HOMEWORK:  Identify the FUNCTION of the underlined nouns in the 5 sentences from the case exercises worksheet.  Then give the correct Latin translation of the noun and adjective pair in the correct case.  Email the answers to nabbott@schillingschool.org by Friday, February 3. 

Friday, January 27:
HOMEWORK:  Worksheet D.  This assignment is due in class on TUESDAY, February 7.