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Report on Life, The Universe and Everything

TimeJan. 25, 2012

from:Stevens, John

to:Reading 5-6

This book report is a standard report that has the same requirements as the previous reports. The "Rough" version should be submitted to me by e-mail by January 25th at the latest. The final version is due by e-mail on January 30th. A false deadline of the 23rd would be wise. My email address is jstevens@schillingschool.org.

Students know that the "rough" version means that they have proof-read their paper, used F7 to spell check, read it aloud to themselves, read it aloud to their parents and then had their parents read it once, all before submitting it to me by e-mail.

All papers are to be two pages in length, single or double spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font. The student's name, the book title and the date that the paper is due, should be placed on the top of the paper, in the same font/size, just like always.