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Spelling and Vocabulary Words for Feb 8

TimeFeb. 01, 2012

from:Stevens, John

to:Language Arts 7-8

a-; an- ab- -able   not; without;lacking;deficient away from; out from capable of
ac- to; toward
-aceous of or pertaining to
acou-; acous - hear
ad- to; toward
aden- gland
adip- fat
aero- air
agri- field; soil
-al having the character of
alb- white
alg-; -algia pain
alto- high
ambi- both
ameb- change; alternation
amni- fetal membrane
amphi-; ampho- both
amyl- starch
ana- up; back; again
andro- man; masculine
anemo- wind
ang- choke; feel pain
angi- blood vessel; duct
ante- before; ahead of time
anter- front