from:Stevens, John

to:Science 7-8

Time Feb. 01, 2012

Here are the roots/prefixes to study for the test

ante- before antebellum before the war
anti- against antifreeze liquid used to guard against freezing
auto- self automatic self-acting or self-regulating
bene- good benefit an act of kindness; a gift
circum- around circumscribe to draw a line around; to encircle
contra- against contradict to speak against
de- reverse, remove defoliate remove the leaves from a tree
dis- apart dislocate to unlodge
dys- bad dysfunctional not functioning
ecto- outside ectoparasite parasite living on the exterior of animals
endo- within endogamy marriage within the tribe
ex- out  excavate to dig out
equi- equal equidistant equal distance
extra- beyond extraterrestrial beyond the earth
hyper- over hypertension high blood pressure
hypo- under hypotension low blood pressure
in- in interim in between
inter- between intervene come between
intra- within intramural within bounds of a school
intro- in, into introspect to look within, as one's own mind
macro- large macroscopic large enough to be observed by the naked eye
mal- bad maladjusted badly adjusted
micro- small microscopic so small that one needs a microscope to observe
multi- many multimillionaire one having two or more million dollars
neo- new neolithic new stone age
non- not nonconformist one who does not conform
pan- all pantheon a temple dedicated to all gods
poly- many polygonal having many sides
post- after postgraduate after graduating
pre- before precede to go before
pro- for proponent a supporter
proto- first prototype first or original model
pseudo- false pseudonym false name; esp., an author's pen-name
re-, red- back again rejuvenate to make young
re-, red- together reconnect to put together again
retro- backward retrospect a looking back on things
semi- half semicircle half a circle
sub- under submerge to put under water
super- above superfine extra fine
tele- far telescope seeing or viewing afar
trans- across transalpine across the Alps

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