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February 14 - 17

TimeFeb. 13, 2012

from:Abbott, Natalie

to:Latin 3-6

Turn in Homework
Review Ablative of place where “in”
Introduce Ablative of means
p. 60 E. A in class
HOMEWORK:  p. 60, E.B   Email to nabbott@schillingschool.org by Wednesday

HOMEWORK:  Lesson VIII worksheet 2-sides

Turn in Homework
Review Ablative of means
Introduce substantives
p. 60, E. C together in class
Lesson VIII vocabulary quiz next Thursday
HOMEWORK:  put all the nouns on p. 61 in ablative case in both the singular and plural forms.  Email to nabbott@schillingschool.org by Friday.

HOMEWORK:  p. 33 worksheet