Words for Mar 21st Spelling and Vocabulary Test


from:Stevens, John

to:Reading 5-6

Time March 07, 2012

Words for the Vocabulary/Spelling Test on Wednesday, March 21st

1. anachronism- something or someone not in its correct historical or chronological time
2. gaudy: ostentatiously or tastelessly ornamented
3. append: to add as a supplement
4. wholly: entirely; totally; altogether; quite.
5. discordant:  disagreeing
6. reputation: overall quality or character as seen or judged by people in general
7. satire: a literary work holding up human vices and follies to ridicule or scorn
8. inquire: to seek to learn by asking
9. perplexed: confused
10. provision: to supply
11. imperceptible: cannot be seen without very close inspection (subtle)
12. sylvan: within the woods
13. anecdotes: a short description of an event
14. rebuke: strongly disapprove
15. gratis: without cost
16. cordial: friendly
17. indifferent: without bias or care
18. cataract – a waterfall of considerable size
19. wallow – to lie or roll in water, snow, mud, dirt, or dust.
20. guileless – honest
21. unanimity- absolute agreement
22. cogitating- to think hard; ponder; meditate
23. airy-light in movement; graceful; delicate
24. gratified- pleased, delight, gladden.
25. enmity – a feeling or condition of hostility; hatred; ill will; animosity;
26. acumen-keen insight; shrewdness
27. scoff- to mock; deride.
28. subterranean- under the earth
29. aristocracy- a country or state ruled by privileged, upper classes
30. ostensible - outwardly appearing as such; professed; pretended

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