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Conn Yankee Book Report

TimeMarch 16, 2012

from:Stevens, John

to:Reading 5-6

This two-page book report has all of the same requirements as the last five reports, EXCEPT this paper must be a single-spaced paper. All papers for the rest of the year will be required to be single spaced.The " Rough Draft" will be due to me via e-mail by Monday,March 12th and the final version is due to me by Friday, March 16th. My e-mail address is jstevens@schillingschool.org  All book reports should be saved with the student's name in the file name and it would help if the first version sent had the word ROUGH at the end of the file name.

Example;  Freds Conn Yankee Book report ROUGH.docx

Any questions? Please use jstevens@schillingschool.org above for correspondence. Thank you. JS