from:Abbott, Natalie

to:Latin 3-6

Time April 27, 2012

Latin for Americans

5/1 TUESDAY:  Decline (put in all cases & numbers) the noun adjective pair "foreign ally."  This assignment is due on Thursday.  Also, study for your vocabulary quiz the words on p. 90.

5/3 THURSDAY:  Your homework is Exercise A on p. 109.  You are to do the following:
1) Translate the sentence

2) Identify which of the two forms you should use

3) Explain why the form is correct if it is a noun (i.e. subject, predicate nominative, possession, indirect object, direct object, accusative of motion towards, ablative of place, or ablative of means)  If it is an adjective identify its gender, number, and case AND what noun it is modifying.

PLEASE NOTE:  in sentence #5 "nostra" means "our"
This assignment is due in class on Tuesday, 5/8

5/8 TUESDAY:  Email to Ms. Abbott, the ablative forms (singular & plural) of the nouns on p. 95.  Put a “_” after the “a” to identify the macron in the feminine.

WEDNESDAY:  Translate the #2, 3, & 6 in exercise A on p.94. 
NOTA BENE:  “Via Quinta” means “Fifth Street.”

5/10 THURSDAY:  Put the nouns on p. 95 in the vocative case (both singular & plural).  Email to Ms. Abbott by Friday night.

FRIDAY:  Translate sentences #1, 4, & 5 in exercise A, on p. 94.

5/15 TUESDAY:  Give the imperative forms (singular & plural) of the verbs on p. 95.  Due in class (or email if you prefer) on Thursday.  Study vocabulary words on p. 95 for quiz on Thursday.

5/17 THURSDAY:  Exercise B, p. 109 – careful with #3.  What tense will you use?  How do you know?  Due in class on Tuesday.

5/22 TUESDAY:  decline “our son” and email to Ms. Abbott by Wednesday night.

WEDNESDAY:  Translate sentences #1-3 in exercise A on p. 100, due in class on Thursday.

5/24 THURSDAY:   Conjugate AND TRANSLATE sum in the present & perfect tense!  Email to Ms. Abbott by Friday night.

FRIDAY:  Translate #4-6 in exercise A on p. 100.  Due in class on Tuesday.

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