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Build an Edible Racecar

TimeAug. 28, 2012

files: Build an Edible Racecar.docx

from:Stevens, John

to:Science 5-6

Build an Edible Racecar

Your challenge is to build a racecar and except for the axles, it is to be made entirely out of edible objects. You can use whatever you like but the car must be able to roll down a cardboard ramp and it must not drip or leak (too much) on the cardboard ramp.
As for the aforementioned axles, you may use toothpicks, or cut up metal coat hangers or the round type of chopsticks or anything you like that is solid enough to take the load of being raced several times.
There are three prizes to be awarded and Mr. Stevens will be the official judge.
One prize will be for the racecar that travels the longest distance.
One prize will be for the racecar that is the best designed e.g. most creative.
One prize will be for the most delicious racecar.
Remember, all cars must roll on their own and be made to survive several races.
Race day is September 7th during our science class. Have fun engineering your racecar!