from:Ramsey, Lorie

to:All Students

Time Sept. 03, 2012

Dear Parents,

My largest goal for this first week was to establish a classroom environment founded on respect.  I spent considerable time discussing treating others the way you want to be treated and concrete examples of respect (for yourself, for others, and for our school).  The children received this wonderfully.  I believe this was time well spent creating an optimal learning environment. 

My primary academic goal was to assess the children by subject to determine their needs.  Next week we’ll begin having daily homework.  The children will be bringing their binders home and must bring them back to school each day.  The homework will be specified on the first page in the binder.  Please initial, but do not remove, this page.  I will also list homework on Thinkwave (although, please be patient another week or two on that). 

Some of the children have work to finish at home (due Wednesday).  Om & Kalista have spelling words to finish studying.  Brodie and Henry have a math.  Several of the students would greatly benefit from reviewing math facts (addition, subtraction, 1-12) at home.  You may be surprised what they have forgotten over the summer.   Others who have mastered ± need to review multiplication and division facts 1-12.  Please take the time to interact with your child and see where you can help.

1. At 10:00 the children are allowed to have a “quick grab” snack.  Please pack this snack somewhere easily accessible.  Please choose a snack that can be eaten easily and quickly. Do not pack a morning snack that requires utensils or is located downstairs in the refrigerator.
2. It would be great if you choose to purchase a yellow Schilling t-shirt for your child. ($15 from Mrs. Mink)  While this is not required, it is vastly helpful for field trips.

Here is a summary of what we learned this week:
• Math: reading a data sheet & making inferences
2nd or 3rd grade level assessment testing
learned and/or reviewed several 3rd/4th core math skills
• Science: became familiar with the composition of atoms, elements, & compounds
learned “The Atoms Family” song, to read the Periodic Table, introduced metalloids,     atomic numbers, names of some major elements
• Language Arts:  the children wrote ideas & hopes they have for the school year ahead,
studied the 8 parts of speech, began individualized spelling lists, each child has 5 words which they studied today (via my prescribed method)
• Social Studies:  Why are governments necessary?  What defines our government?  (i.e. U.S.
Constitution).  We recited, watched, & sang “The Preamble” (School House Rock)  and are studying ~12 vocabulary words from it.
• Character – respect, class song

I look forward to partnering with each of you in the process of optimally educating each of your children.  Please do not hesitate to share questions or concerns!

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