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Spring Break Homework

TimeMarch 21, 2013

from:Cox, Amber

to:Sign Language 3-8

Hello Students!!!!

Just a reminder... The homework for over break is to write a story about a trip to the zoo. Or.. Sea World. Or Yellowstone. Or somewhere else where you'd see animals. The story needs to be at least three minutes when signed. I want it in ASL grammar: So topic comment sentences, rethoricals, yes/no sentences, conditionals, time sequetials, wh questions, use of space, and facial expressions. If you need any help with the grammar, please email me!!! You can use my school email (acox@schillingschool.org) or my personal email (miss.amber.1990@gmail.com). Have a lovely break and I'll see you next week!!!!!

~Ms. Cox :o)