from:Meehan-Dorr, Megan

to:Aikido 5-8

Time Dec. 04, 2014

During the course of this school year I am making it mandatory for all Aikido students to attend a class at Aikido of Cincinnati free of charge.  I have held off making the announcement of this assignment because I wanted to make sure the students had enough time with me to feel comfortable with the content and etiquette of the dojo to get the most out of the experience.  Over the winter break may be a good opportunity to get this assignment completed if it works with your families schedule.  Some students may be interested in the Monday evening advanced youth class and some of the upper level students would be more comfortable in the adult classes.  I have spoken with the students to let them know which group I feel would best suit them.  A complete list of the class schedule and the location of the school can be found at  The students need to attend the class and then write a short paper describing the experience and some of the techniques they covered.  This assignment does not need to be done until the end of the school year but it is my hope that they will get this done early and perhaps begin to attend classes regularly at that school.  If it is an impossibility to attend a class there I can make up another assignment but nothing could compare to the experience of using the content of our class in action at the dojo. If you have any questions please contact me through email. 

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