from:Howell, Ryan

to:Fencing, Fencing 5-8

Time March 17, 2020

Hello all,


During these distant learning days I will be assigning small at home projects for you to complete with fencing being our primary focus.

The assignment:

Please write a 4 paragraph (4-5 sentences) essay on an Olympic fencer (current or previous). Paragraph break downs should be as follows.

1. Name of fencer, their weapon, age, years they have been fencing (if research allows), and last Olympic games they were at and how the finished.

2. Details about the club they are associated with and a mini bio of their coach/coaches.

3. Explain their style of fencing and the pros and cons to their approach.

4. Finally, how could you adapt their techniques into your fencing and how it can help you become a more effective fencer.

Please email your project with your name attached to

Due date: March 23rd at 11:59 pm

Everyone stay healthy!


Coach Howell



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