from:Bowen, Paul


Time March 23, 2020

For next Tuesday, 3/31, write a "My Ideal Society" paper. In this paper you should describe an ideal (or at least optimal) society. You are not required to describe how this society might come about, but it should be possible; for example, it should not be incompatible with human nature, and in general, it should not require any miracles. You are entitled to your view of human nature, but if it is not consistent with positions you have held in your other papers, you should say so. It should also be consistent with your ethics -- it seems reasonable to suppose that the behaviors required to maintain an ideal society are morally permissible, or perhaps even obligatory. If consideration of the ideal society leads you to modify your ethics, you should say so, so that your overall philosophy remains consistent. THIS IS NOT A DEBATE! YOU WILL NEVER BE PENALIZED FOR CHANGING YOUR MIND ON ANY TOPIC! THE ABILITY TO CHANGE YOUR MIND (FOR GOOD REASONS!) IS A SIGN OF MATURITY AND INTELLIGENCE! 

Your description of your society should include a brief description of the following:

1. The political system. Who, or what institution, holds power? Who makes laws, who enforces them, and how do we judge whether someone has broken the law? Exception: you may take the anarchist option, but then you should explain how your society deals with the sorts of issues that are normally dealt with by government.

2. The economic system: How are resources produced, distributed, and consumed?

3. the culture: what are the fundamental values of the society, and how are they propagated?

If you have any questions, please write to me at .

Please send copies of this to me and to all other members of the class, so that we can comment on it. Thank you!

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