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Time Nov. 28, 2017

We are already following these rules, however it's just a reminder regarding test policies in Middle School Science. Kindly do not forget that:

1) Test dates are given in advance, so even if you appear on the test day after being absent for whole week, the test will not be postpond for you. If you are present at the day, you must attemp your test.

2) All the material is present on thinkwave in form of CW and HW (files are normally attached with each assignment), so kindly prepare yourself for the test even if are absent. 

3)  Anyone absent on test day will get a zero and will not attempt the test next day, except those who will bring a medical report (Or parent's letter in other conditions) signed by Ms Fatima Bhutan.

4) There is NO Re-Test policy in Middle School Science. Once you attempted the test, no improvement test will be conducted for you, even if you scored a zero. So, please be prepared for each test thoroughly. 

Best of luck for all of your future tests!

Thank You

Mrs. Fauzia Tauqeer

MS Science

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