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from:Hinz, Ann

to:4 Math

Time Aug. 22, 2014

Dear parent,
I am excited to be teaching 4th grade math again this school year and am looking forward to working with your child. We will still be using SAXON MATH, a teaching method that is based on the incremental learning of mathematics. It involves learning a new mathematical concept every day and constantly reviewing old concepts. Its primary strength is in a steady review of all previous material.

Learning is a co-operative effort between home and school, and parent, child and teacher. The following list should help us navigate that process.
1. Expect math homework just about EVERY DAY. That’s how the process works.
2. We learn from mistakes. Students MUST SHOW THEIR WORK! That way we all can see where they went wrong. Mistakes may be corrected and turned in for credit.
3. Tests MUST BE CORRECTED, SIGNED by parent, and returned for credit as an assignment.
4. Calculators are NOT allowed EVER.
5. Multiplication FACTS MUST be MEMORIZED.
6. Please do not teach your child an easier, faster, better, etc. way to do a problem. This is an incremental approach to math. Sometimes we need to practice the process.
7. Those little numbers in parenthesis by the problem number are the number of the lesson where the concept was introduced. If your child is having difficulties with a problem, look back at the lesson where it was taught.
8. We use PENCIL to do math problems on PAPER. We use an EXPO MARKER to do math problems on a white board. We share as we can, but please check with your child throughout the year to see if they need more supplies.

What we learn in a year of 4th grade math always amazes me.  Here’s to another amazing year!!!
Please call me (727-656-0226) or email me (ahinz@flcclearwater.org) if you have ANY questions.

His peace
Mrs. Hinz

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