5 Computer Class (A,B,& C)


to:All Students

Time May 24, 2014

Week 37 study hall / p.e.

Week 36 Intermediate Wrap up

Week 35 Numeric Key Pad

Week 34 Number and letters and numbers

Week 33 Most Common Engish Words

Week 32 Basic Punctuation

Week 30 Learn to Bust a Capital Word

Week 29 Learn to Bust a Capital Letter


                                                                                                            Spring Break


Week 28 Beginner Wrap Up

Week 27 Easy Bottom Row Words

Week 26 Easy Top Row Words

Week 25: Easy Home Row Words

Week 24: Students will complete "Ventruing Out" lesson this week.

Week 23: Students will complete "Homerow and Beyond" lesson with 100% acuracy and complete the test at the end of the lessson.
 Note: If a student only recieves a 9 out of 10 points - they can at any time, retake the lesson so that they have 100% accuracy. If a student hasn't completed a lesson, than I am not given their accuracy so thier grade looks bad with 0. However, at any time, with out penalty, a student can return to a prior lesson and complete it so their grade will earn 10 points from the lesson they redo.

2/4-6/14 Week 22: Students are to complete "bottom row" lesson with 100% acuracy. We will start the class with a test. Students may complete the lesson in study hall, after school or at home.

1/28-30/14 Week 21 Students will complete "home row" and "top row" with 100% accuracy this week.

If they need to finish afterschool - Students may go to www.typingweb.com and log in at home.

1/28/14 First day of the semester

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