5 Economics: Raymond


to:5 Economics: Raymond

Time May 24, 2014

Tuesday the 27th- Today was Chapter 12 & 13 Test. Student's must bring in a current event tomorrow! This assignment is their last assignment and worth 20 points. They must have an article and a paragraph summary of their current event. (anywhere in the world).

Thursday the 22nd- Tuesday is the Chapter 12 & 13 Test! Student's need to study and they can have a page of notes.

Thursday the 15th- Tomorrow is chapter 11 test. Students must have a page of notes.

Tuesday the 13th- Students need to write a strong paragraph explaining why the four reasons that lead to recessions helped cause our current recession. This is due tomorrow.

Wednesday the 7th- Tomorrow is Chapter 10 Test! Student's can have one page of notes for the test.

Wednesday the 30th- P.193 #s 1 & 4

Tuesday the 29th- Chapter 8 test today. No homework.

Thursday the 24th- Students need to be studying for their Ch 8 Test on tuesday. They are allowed to have one page of notes for the test.

Wednesday the 23rd- P.161 #s 19-21

Tuesday the 22nd- No homework tonight

Tuesday the 8th- Students need to prepare to teach the class section 7.4 tomorrow.

Friday the 4th- P. 7-11

Wednesday the 2nd- Chapter 6 test is tomorrow. Students can have a full page of notes for the test. They should prepare their note page and study for the test tomorrow.

Tuesday April 1st- P.116 #s 18 & 20

Friday the 21st- P.111 #s 10-12

Thursday the 20th- Test today- No homework!

Wednesday the 19th- Chapter 5 test is tomorrow! Students can have one page of notes.

Friday the 14th- P. 92 #s 4, 6, 7, & 9

Thursday the 13th- P. 90 #s 1-3

Wednesday the 12- Today is Chapter 4 Test. No homework tonight.

Tuesday the 11th- Chapter 4 test is tomorrow. Students may have a full page of notes on their test. They should take notes, study, and be ready for their test tomorrow.

Friday the 7th- P.84 #s 24-25

Thursday the 6th- P.79 #s 17-21

Wednesday the 5th- P.74 #s 13-16

Tuesday the 4th- P.69 #s 7-12

Friday the 28th- P.65 #s 5 & 6

Thursday the 27th- P.62 #s 1-4

Wednesday the 26th- P.56 #s 24 & 25

Wednesday the 19th- P.45 #s 8, 9, 10, & 12

Tuesday the 18th- P.41 #s 5,6,& 7

Friday the 14th- Chapter 2 test today- No Homework

Thursday the 13th- P.32 #s 12 & 13. Students should also prepare a half-page of notes for their economics chapter 2 test tomorrow.

Wednesay the 12th- P. 29 # 11 (Half-Page Response)

Tuesday the 11th- P. 25 Question #s 4, & 6-8

Wednesday the 5th- Read page 21-22 in economics book and answer questions 1 & 3 on page 22.- Due tomorrow!

Friday the 31st- Students will have a test on chapter 1 on tuesday. They are allowed to have a notecard of notes for their test. They should study their notes and be ready for the test on tuesday.

Thursday 30th- Students have questions 13 & 14 on p.13 and questions 17 & 18 on p.14 from their textbook for homework.

Tuesday 28th- Students have questions 1 & 2 on p. 4 and questions 3 & 4 on p.7 from their textbook for homework.

1/28/14 First day of the semester

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