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Time May 23, 2014

5/14-28/14 Working in class on their final project: The Passport. When students finish I will go through it with them. 6 days left of Spanish class!

5/13/14 3rd guest speaker Rony from Peru. No homework. Students are doing class work until the end of school. they will primarily be working on the end of the year project; Passport. All the work for their Passports are being done in class. Students may save the document to a flash/cloud drive, however this is not required or suggested. Please allow student to finish this in class. There will be enough time to finish this project if students are using class time to be diligent.

5/6/14 Cuba Day 1: We watched the two following links (copy and paste) to understand some of the current events for Cuba. No Homework



5/2/14 No homework - students need to bring their 20 questions paper for our Guest Speaker from peru on Tuesday. To celebrate the latin cultures, there is a 5k or 5mi race on saturday that students may run in or volunteer at to earn extra credit. Then after, we can all meet up at Chapal's Mexican Resturant for dinner at 5pm. See you there!

5/1/14 No Homework. - Parents, we started working toward our end of the year project in class, it is called our "Passport". Students are only given time to work in class (so we don't loose it or forget it at home). Next week we have two more cultures to uncover but for the remainder of the course, we are working in class. Please contact me if you have any questions.

4/30/14 No homework.

4/29/14 No homework...but sudents need to have their homework (20 questions for Rony)

4/24/14 Students are writing 20 questions for Rony who will be our guest speaker. (half Spanish, half in English) - Due Tuesday 4/29/14

4/23/14 Students are writing 20 questions for Pedro who will be our guest speaker. (half in Spanish, half in English)

4/22/14 Students are writing 20 questions for Rob who will be our guest speaker. (all in English)

Week 32 Testing and Parent Teacher Conferences.

4/11/14 No homework. due to Testing and Parent Teacher Conferences next week, There will be no Spanish 1 Class. We will resume class the following tuesday, April 22nd.

4/10/14 Create a Crossword puzzle from using all 20 words from "school" worksheet. Words are in spanish, "Clues" are in English. Bring a printed copy of the puzzle and the puzzle's Answer key to class.

4/9/14 School Basic 11-20 practice times ten

4/8/14 School Basic 1-10 practice times ten

4/4/14 - floor plans look great! no homework this weekend

4/3/14 - House inhabitants. Animals! Students choose 10 out of the 20 words that were discussed to practice five times and write one sentance for each of the words. Students will add a minimum of 5 inhbitants to their floor plan. Friday we are finishing our floor plan. some students are using legos. Yes they can bring legos to school and keep them behind my desk until spanish class.

4/2/14 - Household furnature. Students learned 10 basic furnature items (other than kitchen). they will practice them times 5 and write a sentance for each word. In class they are given time to create their floor plan of their house. Today they should be adding these new 10 words around their drawing...and If they construct a floor plan with legos - it's extra credit!

4/1/14 - Household! This week we are discovering the spanish words you might use around your home! We learned 10 today. For homework, write each work and the four adjectives, five times and then use each in a sentance. If you were absent...we took notes for you :) At the end of the week we will have a floor plan all filled out in spanish!

3/21/14 - Had a our fashion show! then we got to play in the sun. Have a great Spring Break! No homework.

3/20/14 Students will write 8 sentance. 2 (one for a girl and one for a boy) for each of the seasons. The sentances also need a picture... Students are going to make a picture of the clothing sentance and bring to class.

3/19/14 Students are making 20 sentances that have to do with the clothing in their store. We are practicing adjectives (cheap, expensive, and colors), using verbs we have learned (vestir-to dress or to wear) and will be making an advertisment tomorrow with some of these sentances. (fashion show on Friday!)

3/18/14 Students practice 'la ropa' words five times And they need to choose a local clothing store, list the clothes that is sold their, and give the store a spanish name.

3/14/14 No tarea!

3/13/14 Student have a  packet titled Reflexive Verbs. It inclueds information on how to use some verbs reflexivly. The homework is to practice 5 verbs (underlined) five times, and to write the sentances on the back.

3/12/14 Students learned more on the body today. they will practice writing these new words five times each tonight.

3/11/14 Students practice writing the 15 verbs and their conjugation five times. And write each noun in a sentence.

3/7/14 Vamos a la restaurante! It was so fun to go out to a local business and speak some of the spanish we have learned! I am so proud of all of the students! (note: the coca-cola was made at a factory that used real sugar...they got a little hyper) But they all sang happy birthday to me!!!! A huge Gracias! back to you all!  NO homework over the weekend - courtesy of Domenico! :)

3/6/14 Homework (sorry) was to write on a 3x5 index card the phrases you would like to remember at the restaurant tomorrow. Any notes. to help you.

3/5/14 Homework is to write the remaining phrases five times. (6,8,9,10,11,12,13,20,21,22,24,25,27) on the light blue paper front.

3/4/14 In preparation for our Field trip, we are practicing phrases one would say at a restaurant. Tonight's homework is to write the phrases five times. (1,2,3,4,5,7,14,15,16,17,18,19,23,26) on the light blue paper front

About the homework over the weekend - this was an assignment building off of learning the names of foods. So Students were asked to write out five paragraphs where in each paragraph a dish of food is discribed.

Example: La sopa tiene pollo, las zanahorias, el ajo, y apio. La sopa es salado un poquito.

That easy.

2/28/14 Salsa was great! Homework "Recipe to win" is due Tuesday.

2/27/14 Recipe to win! Students will be creating a five course meal. After writing down the ingredients besure they have included four instances of meats, cheese, fruits and vegitables. The courses are: 1) Soup   2) Appetizers   3) Salad    4) Main dish   5) Dessert.  Students will be writing out the way each course should taste (sweet, rich, creamy, raw, etc). This assignment is DUE TUESDAY MARCH 4th.

Tomorrow: SALSA PARTY!! Your son knows the food to bring - please call me if that won't be possible since I can go to the store before class. I'm bringing authentic guacamole!


2/26/14 Tonight the students will write ten sentances. We have learned about 60 words over the last three weeks about food and now this is going to be great practice. They are to answer the question: Que hoy en mi casa? (what is in my house). The ten answers will be ten sentances that start with "Hay" (there are), a number, (dos - two) apples (manzanas) in my house (en mi casa).

Example: Hay dos naranjas en mi casa.

For the students absent thursday and Friday: Students are going to create a five couse recipe for a dinner contest. they need to include 4 types of meat, cheese, fruits and vegitables.  when they discribe the food they need to use the words we have learned like sour, sweet, rich, etc. There will be five courses, so there will be five paragraphs to describe the food. Due Tuesday March 4th.

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