Thanksgiving Dinner Debacle- Tension Assignment

from:Kelly, Clare

to:Creative Writing

Time Nov. 30, 2015

Unit: Tension
Thanksgiving Dinner Debacle

Context for your short scene:
• Sarah wants to ask you mom if she can borrow the car for the weekend (the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving).
• She’s thinking that to ask on Thanksgiving would be a good idea since her mom would be in a good mood surrounded by family and food

What Sarah doesn’t know:
• Her sister Joanne already asked earlier and her mom said no so there is tension between your mom and Joanne
• Mom is trying to hide the fact she’s upset with her sister
• She’s trying to hide the fact she’s upset with your aunt because she just told her she forgot to bring the sweet potato casserole
• AND she’s (her mom) upset because she feels like she’s responsible for all the food and managing the kids while everyone plays football and relaxes… every year.

Distant Description of Scene:
Sarah chooses the wrong time during Thanksgiving dinner to ask her mom if  she can borrow the car for the weekend. It’s the worst time in fact because there is a lot of tension between her mom and sister and between her mom and basically the rest of the family because she feels nobody is helping her with food and kids. 

Fire up the Tension: How? 
• Describe the scene in detail
• Provide details that SHOW tension between Sarah’s mom and other family members (facial expressions and body language are key)
• Provide short dialogue that HINTS TO the tension.
• End scene with Sarah asking her mom and her mom’s reaction

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