from:Kelly, Clare

to:Foundations of Literature/Composition

Time April 09, 2016

files: REVIEW PART 2.doc

“The Road Not Taken”
• What two things are being compared in this poem? What is this literary device called?
• Explain a few similarities between these two things (see chart in notebook)

“The Passionate Shepherd to His Love”
• Who wrote it?
• Type of poem?
• What types of promises does he make?
• What makes this poem a pastoral poem? Use textual evidence to support your answer

“The Nymph’s Reply”
• Know that it’s a satire?
• How?
• Ralegh's poem contains a colder, angrier, more somber portrait of nature.
• Marlowe's rivers are shallow, Ralegh's are raging. Marlowe's sheep are grazing in the open; Ralegh's have been taken in for the winter.
• Raleigh argues that because time flies, we should NOT sieze the day.  There will be consequences to their roll in the grass.  Time does not stand still; winter inevitably follows the spring; therefore, we cannot act on impulses until we have examined the consequences.

“The Raven”
• Who wrote it?
• Tone?
• Where do we see his emotions change?
• What does Poe suggest about fear? (short discussion in class: what happens when you’re afraid of failure or about the future? You end up making your fears come true because you don’t take action….FEAR PARALYZES US)

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