from:Smith, Peach

to:Anatomy and Physiology: 12

Time March 10, 2019

To all A&P students who are seriously considering medicine as a career, the articles and journal articles below may be of interest to you. They are all related to the digestive system we just covered. If, reading through them, you are hopelessly lost, feel free to ask me for terms and definitions, but hopefully, you can at least understand the general idea being covered, and get used to the terminology and type of langaue used in this field.

About appendicitis:

This quote stood out: "The modern physician should be humbled by the fact that, despite diagnostic and therapeutic advances (computed tomography [CT], ultrasonography, and laparoscopy), the misdiagnosis rate of the most common surgical emergency, acute appendicitis, has changed little over time."

Omental infarction:

Bowel obstruction:

Acute gastric volvulus:

God bless you!

Mrs. Smith


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