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Time March 19, 2019


Maria said that she could not find the Pulmonology assignment on Thinkwave. I checked and it is most definitely there, so I have no idea why some of you can't see it. I will post it again here (see below), and send it to as many emails as possible.

Let me know if you have questions!

God bless,

Mrs. Smith

The Respiratory System Quiz

Your respiratory system quiz will be a take-home quiz. You should work on it this week, and then hand in your completed packet on Monday at the start of class. Following are the requirements:

1. Using your anatomy coloring pages as a guide, draw your own respiratory system and label it.  pp 251, 253, 263 and p 265 are the most important pages for this. This is worth 50% of the grade, provided it includes every section that we have covered in class as a minimum.

2. Write (typed is preferred, but if you write by hand, it must be neat) a one-page summary of what the respiratory system is and how it works. Included must be an explanation of the zones and what they contain. You should also explain how the gas transfer works. This is worth the other 50% of the grade.
Of 100 pts:
a. 80 content
b. 10 grammar & punctuation
c. 10 clarity and neatness

God bless!

Mrs. Smith

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