from:Smith, Peach

to:Anatomy and Physiology: 12

Time March 26, 2019

files: Marriage & Children.docx


When you have finished your test on Wednesday, read the attached materials and answer the following questions on paper.

There are three articles on the attached paper. Two of them are linked here as well:

Respond True or False to these questions, as well as a brief comment - one or two sentences:

1. NFP is only for married couples.

2. NFP is based on guesswork: it's what people used before modern science developed contraception.

3. NFP can be used only by women with regular cycles.

4. NFP is too complicated to be used by most people.

5. NFP is not a reliable method of family planning.

6. There is no difference between NFP and contraception.

7. NFP does not allow for sexual spontaneity.

8. The Catholic Church wants people to have as many babies as possible.

9. The Catholic Church does not want married couples to have sex just for pleasure.

10. NFP is for women to deal with, it isn't really anything men need to worry about.

Bring your answers to class on Thursday!


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