from:Smith, Peach

to:Anatomy and Physiology: 12

Time April 30, 2019

Dear A&P Class - greetings!

A few reminders for Wednesday's class:

  1. Please use this class period to work on your analysis sheets and questions.
  2. You should be able to figure out these questions and the labeling graphs on your own! The questions include information covered in class since January, and everything else can be found on the worksheet you received to work through the dissection. You may look this sheet up online if you do not have a copy - it was emailed, and posted on ThinkWave both under assignments and under messages. You can use the anatomy coloring book as well if you need to. Some questions will simply require that you paid attention during class time this year...
  3. Whitman College has a good virtual link to fetal pig dissections, and you can use this for questions both in class tomorrow and at home if you need to.
  4. Remember that this packet counts as your final - so please take care with your replies. Striving for excellence is a habit of character you should always be continuing to develop. :-)

If you have questions, I will be there Thursday and Friday and will answer any questions you have; you can also email me with concerns.

For those that are absent - Dante and James - you can work through the packet on your own and hand it in when you return to school. The virtual link above should help you. If you still need help, please see me on a Monday or Friday ASAP. You can also email me.

God bless you all!  I leave you with St. Thomas Aquinas' beautiful prayer for exams:

“God of Wisdom, I thank you for the knowledge gained and the learning experiences of the semester. I come to you this day and ask you to illuminate my mind and heart. Let your Spirit be with me as I prepare for exams, guiding my studies, and giving me insight so that I can perform to the best of my ability. Please grant me the strength to handle the pressure during these final days of the semester, the confidence to feel secure in my knowledge, and the ability to keep an appropriate perspective through it all. Help me to keep in mind what is truly important, even as I focus my time and energy on these tests in the immediate future. Finally, may I sense your peace in knowing that I applied myself to the challenges of this day.” 

See you Thursday!

Mrs. Smith

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