Finals Study Guide

to:*English 2B, 02D

Time June 15, 2012

African, Persian, & Arabic Literature - Finals Study Guide

  1. African Literature
    - What was the difference between Kush and Egypt?
    - Where was Kush located & which modern country is located in Kush?
    - How was the Oral Tradition preserved (two reasons)?
    - Which empire conquered Africa? What religion was brought as a result?
    - The years of Africa's Golden Age.
  2. "African Proverbs"
    - Know the moral of these proverbs.
  3. Sundiata
    - All the characters.
    - Plot of the story.
    - Vocabulary for Sundiata
  4. Persian and Arabic Literature
    - Know about Muhammad & Islam.
    - Spread of culture and literature.
    - Key people.
    - Sufism & its beliefs.
    - What is the name of the religion that believes in two gods? What were the two gods? Which one would prevail?
  5. "Thousand and One Nights"
    - Plot and characters.
    - Vocabulary.
  6. From the "Koran"
    - What is a sura? How many are there in the Koran?
    - Main ideas of the Koran.
    - Where did the Koran originate from?
  7. "Rubayat"
    - What is a rubayat?
    - Main theme of the rubayat.
    - What do these poems prevail?
  8. Literary Terms & Additional Questions
    - Moral
    - Epic
    - Legend
    - Dialectic Language
    - Protagonist
    - Antagonist
    - Omniscient
    - Rubayat
    - Subjective vs. Objective
    - Frame Story
    - Tone
    - Alliteration
    - Parallelism
    - Metaphor
    - Simile
    - Analysis
    - Evaluate
    - Thesis
    - Check my subpages for more literary terms, you will also be tested on those as well.
    - Know how to indicate a title on an essay or paper.
    - Be prepared to analyze on the final.
    - Study for vocabulary for "Thousand and One Nights" & Sundiata.
  9. How to prepare for this test?
    - Study for notes, terms, and vocabulary.
    - Re-read the stories!
    - Make notes on the stories or introduction if necessary!

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