from:Lyons, Lindsey

to:HS English

Time March 19, 2014

Agenda 3/20/14
Contact info: Lindsey Lyons 234-8843 -

- Good afternoon!

- Journal #9:  Last SAT review/practice: Write a paragraph using as many SAT vocab words as you can about the The Great Gatsby.  Shoot for at least 5, and please underline and make sure that you are using them correctly.

- SAT 1-5 Vocab test

- Discussion Great Gatsby ch 7

Why did Gatsby fire all of his servants?
Who drove Tom’s car into town?
Where did they all go when they got to town?
What couldn’t Daisy say, that made Gatsby incredulous?
Describe the car that hit Myrtle.
Who was driving it?
What was Tom’s reaction to Myrtle’s death?
Why was Myrtle near the road?

- Prediction time - what will happen next with Daisy, Gatsby, Tom, Mr. Wilson, Nick??  Only two more chapters…..

- Share out “Open Mind” homework and explain your symbols used to represent your chosen character

- Symbolism in The Great Gatsby - Each one of you will be responsible for one of these 4 symbols from the novel: Dr. TJ Eckleburg billboard, valley of the ashes, Tom’s NYC apartment, and the green light.  As a GROUP I want you to discuss each one of the symbols and make your best guess as to what these four items symbolize.  INDIVIDUALLY, I want you to draw a visual of your symbol with a corresponding quote that describes it, and on the back side I want you to explain in further detail what your symbol represents on a deeper level.

- Introduce project menu on the novel - due April 10th (don’t forget Spring Break first week of April!)

-Brainstorm next novel/play
Homework due 3/27:
- Read chapter 8 and complete a discussion sheet
- Finish symbolism activity if need be
- Continue researching next novel or play
       -Project due 4/10

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