from:Lyons, Lindsey

to:English 9

Time Sept. 07, 2017

Agenda 9/6/17 (Please keep each one of these in your binder!)
Contct Info: Lindsey Lyons - - 831-234-8843
Unit 1 - Short Story & Essay

-Welcome back!
- Journal #2: Think about a great story you have read or heard (this could be from a film, novel, a friend/family member, etc.). What makes a story memorable and entertaining? Why do certain stories stay with you and others not?
-Discuss journal and elements of a great story.
-Plot Structure and Diagram Activity (p. 28,30 Holt text/Diagram handout) using “Of Missing Persons” reading assignment. Then discuss the reading and collect homework.
-Share “I Am” poems and collect
-Introduction of the Personal Narrative Essay: Outline will be due next class.
-Begin “A Sound of Thunder” by Ray Bradbury in class.
-Discuss homework.

Writing Homework: Complete reading packets for “A Sound of Thunder”, “The Most Dangerous Game” and “The Gift of the Magi”. Complete the outline of the Personal Narrative Essay.

Reading Homework: Please read “The Most Dangerous Game” (PDF or Holt text p.60), The Gift of the Magi” (PDF or Holt text p. 102) and complete (if not in class) “A Sound of Thunder” (PDF or Holt text p. 36).

Materials homework: Please come to every class with a binder, lined paper, your textbook or novel, your journal (if brought home) and a positive attitude :).

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