Substitute- March 27

to:All Students

Time March 27, 2014

Tomorrow, March 27, all of my classes will have a stubstitute, Mrs. Greene. I expect great behavior, as usual out of all of you. If there are any reports, you will recieve a detention when I get back. Mrs. Greene has also been given some detention forms and has been instructed to fill them out as needed.

I do open a show tomorrow, Anne of Green Gable. It's a free show, so feel free to come!  That is why I will not be there, I have many prepartions for the show.


Finally, feel free to contact me, Miss Parker, or Mrs. Greene if you have any questions. Miss Parker will be in the room tomorrow.


Miss Grace Kilfoyle


Miss Shelby Parker


Mrs. Cordelia Greene


Mrs. Catherine Bichler

(Substitute  Coordinator)





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