Announcements for Week of April 11th

to:All Students

Time April 11, 2014

Hello, Hello, Hello Everyone! 

Happy Spring! Students next week have Friday and Monday off, along with reduced schedules. Mrs. Walton sent out a copy of the reduced scchedule. School will run from 9:00 am- 2:10 pm. Students are welcome to leave the campus at 2:15 pm. The school, however will be open until 7pm. If students cannot get a ride home at that time, there are available spots in the FVAS sports camp, or I am ALWAYS looking for volunteers in the drama department. Also, in the basement, board games and activities, such as WII, XBox,TV, and study rooms, will be open for student use. If your student has had more than 3 detentions or 1 suspenion, they may not stay for afterschool activities. Students that stay for these activities may be asked to leave, if a violation occurs. The afterschool activities must stay positive. Teachers will watch students.

On another note, during this reduced schedule week, we will be doing a OAA practice sheet eaach day, and reviewing this. These will be for grades. Students will have 3 nights of homework this week. Yay, no blizzard bags!!!! Thats just about all...novel #1 is due next week! How are those coming???

Have a great weekend! Happy Readings!

Miss Kilfoyle

P.S.- Mr. Tyler will be visiting next week! Also, Mrs. Greene will be in once next week (not sure what day, but will let you know), so BE GOOD!

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