from:Bowlin, Carol

to:All Students

Time Sept. 07, 2012

Dear Parents,

     I trust you have received your child's work assignments for tomorrow. I sent them as a hardcopy for tomorrow and will have the rest on Thinkwave as we smooth into our transition.For the next several weeks, you may not get all the lessons ahead as I learn the system set by the school.  However , you can go ahead and review the materials and books used for this year to get yourself more familiar as the assignments come home. I will do my best to make them easy as many of the teacher's editions are easy to comprehend..  It should be noted that I may not be at school next week.Please pray for my dad as he is in ICU in Atlanta. I will find out more tomorrow and will make a decision as to leave over the weekend. Mrs. Coe is aware and will do her best ot accomidate your children.

It has been a great 2 days and I trust we will have an awesome year.  Since we do not have lockers this year, I suggested to Mrs. Coe that the students use crates to store their belongings. These can be purchased at Walmart orTarget. The crates I am referring to are the ones that are square and have side handles for easy toting.Your child may also bring a favorite pillow which will be left at school for the times we sit on the floor for learning. 

Feel free to email me @ teach4him2012@gmail for any questions you may have. I will do my best to answer quickly. Have a great workday tomorrow and a blessed weekend.




Mrs.  Bowlin



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