from:Chapman, Renata

to:5th Grade Bible, 6th Grade Bible, 7th Grade Bible, 8th Grade Bible

Time Aug. 24, 2017

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Bible Class where we will be learning more about God's word. I am so excited to have all of you in my class this year.

Just wanted to let you know what my plans and expectations are for this class. Every day for morning worship Mr. Wilson will be reading and discussing a Bible story specific for that week. We will then meet as a class once a week on Fridays and you will be quizzed on your memory verse for the week. Then, using your Bible, you will fill out your workbook as you dig deeper in search of the hidden pearls found in God's word. At the end of every quarter, students will take home or work in class on a Bible test where they will be asked to elaborate on one particular story they studied during that quarter. 

My wish and prayer is that as we study God's word together we can come closer to our Creator and as a result have a personal relationship Him.

Hope you have a blessed new school year. Feel free to email me at if you have any questions.

God Bless,

Renata Chapman

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