Change in the class schedule

from:Reher, Guillermo

to:Cultural Introduction to Spain - SP 205-1C, Spring 2016

Time Feb. 02, 2016

files: 2016_Sp_cult_int_Spain_ 205_reher v3.docx

Hello all. As I already mentioned to many of you, there are some schedule changes we need to do. Let me detail them:

  • This Wednesday, February 3rd, we will have a 45 min. class.
  • Next Monday, February 8th, we will have a longer class to compensate, 2:15 hours.
  • From then on, every Monday, we will have our class. This means some minor schedule changes.
  • As a result, we have one extra class, which will take place on May 2nd. I have attached a v3 of the syllabus, so that you have it in writing. There will be an unforeseen class on Spanish Music on April 11th, make sure that you do what you have to do for that class (check this new syllabus version). That class will be fun. You have to bring a song you like, or one that intrigues you. You have to show it to the class and explain both the song, the artist, and the musical style as windows onto Spanish culture. Use any means necessary (presentation, video, lyrics, etc.).

That is all.

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