Updated grades and re-take opportunity


from:Reher, Guillermo

to:Intro. to International Studies - IST 100-1C, Spring 2016

Time April 28, 2016

Hello all. Grades for this group have been terrible. Only one group has opted for improving the group project (!), and this has been generous for them. I hope more of you improve your individual paper. On Wednesday at 12 pm several students will be taking quiz 3, which they missed for various reasons. I will let anyone who wants to retake any of the three quizzes do so at that time. Also, I will extend the deadline for improving group papers also to that day (and no later). Therefore, on Wednesday will be the day of reckoning, if you want a decent grade in this course.

Also, several of you are in absence trouble, so be ready to have your grade drop in the following way:

4-5 absences (one grade drop: B- to C+)

6-7 absences (two grades drop: B- to C)

8-9 absences (three grades drop: B- to D)

10-11 absences (four grades drop: B- to F)

and so on...

If you have any doubts regarding  your situation or how it can be improved, e-mail me ASAP.

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