from:Espin, Daniel

to:Advertising Fundamentals - CMM 103-1C, Summer 2016

Time June 20, 2016

Dear all;

Please find enclosed your Final Projects' presentations order as decided in class.

PAPERS DUE TOMORROW. Note that ALL PAPERS must be handed it tomorrow (those papers not handed in on Tuesday, June 21st will be marked down at half a grade per day.

TUESDAY PRESENTATIONS. My advice is that the first ten students are ready tomorrow if they don't want to be penalized in case they are asked to start. Note that Mariana Colmenares (5) and Flavia Paton (7) will not attend class tomorrow, so they will be penalized and their presentations will be the first ones on Wednesday June 22.

1. Marlon Torrents

2. Alejandro Llorente

3. Álvaro Cifuentes

4. Carlota Andrada

5. Mariana Colmenares

6. Belén Pérez

7. Flavia Paton

8. Blanca

9. Mauro Barreno

10. Gonzalo De Roda

11. Isabel Rueda

12. Xi

13. Erick

14. Luis Casanovas

15. Beatriz Gimeno

16. Miguel Lepoutre

17. Álvaro Palacio


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