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from:Martínez Matute, Marta

to:Business Computers I - BUS 110-1C, Fall 2017, Business Computers I - BUS 110-2C, Fall 2017, Business Computers I - BUS 110-3C, Fall 2017

Time Sept. 18, 2017

files: BUS 110_Business_Computers_FALL17.pdf

Dear students,

My name is Marta Martínez-Matute. I am your professor of Business Computers I (BUS 110). My personal website has information about my resumé and previous academic and teaching experience. You can contact me by email: mmartinez@cis-spain.com, at class or in my office hours (Tuesday and Thursday, 11:05-11:30). 

I would like to welcome you all to this course. In this announcement, I will inform you about the main points to make it easier to start with the course.

First class:
Our first class will be taught on Tuesday 19th September (9:30-11:05 for Group 1, 11:30-13:05 for Group 2 and 13:15-14:50 for Group 3). I will explain the most important points for the course, assessments, projects, exams, methodology and content of the course and we will start with the introductory lecture. Information and slides about this class will be available.

Our classes will be taught on Tuesday and Thursday.

You have the syllabus of the course, with details about the schedule, lessons, content and much more, available attached.

I will provide slides for every class, available beforehand. It would be desirable to review them before every class. Slides will be the basis for the content of the course, but they are not the whole content. In class, we will go into detail of this basis, as the references will help you to learn more about the topics explained. Furthermore, several references will be provided to be review and work. Three main projects will be submitted by the students and several assignments and lab work will be developed at class and as homework.

Assignments will be announced. They will help you to practice and to learn the topics taught at class.

I am really looking forward to meet you all next Tuesday. If you have any question or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,


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