Two important first meetings for your Internship course

from:Pacheco, Richard

to:Internship II - INT 200 - 1C, Spring 2018

Dear Internship Students,

Welcome to INT200 Internship.  This will be a very different type of course for you because it will depend on you working the majority of the time independently.

ALL students have a meeting with me and Kiri Diaz on Tuesday, January 16th from 10:50 -11:30 in Classroom D. THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT MEETING-PLEASE DO NOT BE LATE-YOU DO NOT HAVE BREAK THAT MORNING. – Please put this on your agenda NOW so you don’t forget.

Then, we will divide the group up into two different sections. 
The first group will have another class session on Thursday, January 18th from 14:20 – 15:00 in the Computer Lab:
Bolin, Jaime
Buira, Karen
Carmona, Jacobo
Catris, Miguel
Cherrie, Caleigh
De Vargas, Maria del Mar
Ducasse, Jefferey
Edwards, Jenna
Escudero, Juan
Fernandez de Araoz, Eduardo
Fernandez-Tapias, Iria
Fernández, Alejandra
Garat, Pablo
Garay, Jacobo
Garcia-Pelayo, Carlota
Gonzalez, Alberto
Gonzalez, Alvaro

The second group will have another class session on Tuesday, January 23rd from 14:20 – 15:00 in the Computer Lab:
Lapique, Almudena
Lozano, Fermin
Mabale, Martina
Moulin, Thomas
Ortiz de Zarate, Javier
Ortiz-Echague, Patricia
Perez de Olacoechea, Ines
Phelan, Ignacio
Plazas, Gabriela
Pujol, Jordi
Rico-Avello, Patricia
Rodriguez, Nathalia
Sanchez, Alba
Suarez, Gonzalo
Torrents, Tristan
Trapote, Gonzalo
Urquiola, Juan Maria
Valverde, Alvaro

I am also attaching the syllabus for the course as well as a zip file with blank CV/resumes for you to possibly use.  Save these documents for the course.


Rick P.
Dean, Endicott College

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