Reminder: Homework for Monday

from:García, Eva

to:Intermediate Spanish II - SP 202-1C, Spring 2018

Dear students,

Just a reminder about the homework for Monday. Specially for Chedly, who was not in class. Also, I am attaching the documents you need to study.

1) Chedly and Slim: For the moment, study the regular conjugation of these two tenses I am sending you (Pretérito indefinido and Pretérito perfecto, they are like past simple and present perfect in English). I need you to know them very well, because I will ask you to begin with the irregular verbs next week. And the rest of the students should already know the irregular conjugations for Monday (since it is just a review for you). In three weeks we all will be able to have the same pace. It is not a huge difference of levels at all.

2) Also, I am sending you the exercises we have used in class (document "Book"), mainly for Chedly too because he was not in class, but maybe someone else needs it for the moment. Please, everybody, get your books before Monday 9:30. The only page we haven't covered is number 4, because that is the one we have as Monday homework ("De vuelta a casa", exercise 3 A, B, and C). Chedly, I expect you to try to do this homework too.

3) Also, I want you guys to prepare the little presentation about exercise 4 on page 5 ("Contrato indefinido"). Chedly, please, take a look, we did it in class, and if you read it in advanced, you can participate in class when your classmates present.

As I told you, this semester I am going to demand a little bit more from you, because you are ready, and I really expect to have fluent speakers in May. I am pretty sure you ALL are very good foreign languages students, you have VERY GOOD skills, some of you natural EXTRAORDINARY skills. Make an effort and study a liitle bit from the first week. I will be very proud of you at the end of this semester.

Eva Mother Goose ;-)

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