We will not attend the conference about Mindfullness on Tuesday October 2nd


from:García, Eva

to:Elementary Spanish II - SP 102-1C, Fall 2018

Time Sept. 26, 2018

Dear students,

I have been told you have received a message from Mary McCarthy, inviting you to attend a conference about Midfullness. The conference will be held on Spanish, so I asked Francisco and Mary permission to have our regular class (in my opinion, it would be a silly thing to do: you could not participate in the conference, and you would have to make up your Spanish class with me on Friday for nothing). That is why I did not tell you anything about this activity: because we are going to have our regular class at 13:15 on Tuesday October 2nd as usual (and you don't need to make up any class on Friday). However, if some of you have classes at 11:30 that day and your teacher is attending the conference (although you still don't have to attend the activity), you will have to make up his/her class. You should talk to your particular teacher about it. However, I will try to help you guys: I will also talk to Mary, though, so that she can talk to your other teachers and solve the misunderstanding.

Un abrazo,



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