Homework for Tuesday 4th


from:GarcĂ­a, Eva

to:Intermediate Spanish II - SP 202 - 1C, Fall 2018

Since you are going to travel on the weekend and you will have to work on your blog (please, check the deadline and the description of the Travelling Seminar assignment in the syllabus), the only thing I beg you to do is reviewing what we have done in class for the moment and read the attached documents. I just want you to check if you remember the conjugation of these tenses, since I assume you have studied them sometimes. I don't mind if you are not completely sure about when and how to use them. We will work with them a lot in class, with songs, games and activities, until you feel confident.

I need your cooperation to improve. I know you can communicate well (some of you exceptionally well), but now you need to "polish" it (each one in a different sense). Never be a "survival student", but a brilliant one. I am looking forward to speaking in Spanish with you (and reading your texts) in a very high level very soon!!!!!! You are a very good group, I am very happy.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!!

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