Homework for Wednesday 3rd


from:García, Eva

to:Intermediate Spanish I - SP 201-1C, Fall 2018

Time Oct. 02, 2018

  1. Go on practising the conjugation for the Pretérito Indefinido: With the document I gave you, and the crosswords and other games I showed you in google (just write "crucigramas pretérito indefinido" and a lot of useful pages will appear). If the "Irregular pretérito indefinido" song helps you, use it too. I cannot help you to memorize these things, I need you cooperation at home, there is not very much to understand, it is just a question of repeating and repeating the conjugation. It is very important for you to know the presente and the pretérito indefinido conjugations for the tests you will take very soon. Please, work hard on them.
  2. Now, we have to use this tense in context: Page 28, exercise 7. Do section A exactly as they ask you, but for section B, make up your own ending for the story, don't take the one they suggest you.

We will go on practising in class. Speaking about our experiences in the past is one of the main focus for this course.

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